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“KEXIN CUP”The youth's calligraphy tounament
2007-11-06 09:11:23  [hits:5841]

   After collection the first “KEXIN CUP” calligraphy tounament which was sponsored by GuangDong Kexin Industrial Co. Ltd is consummation. The invite attention are the vice-chairman of Guangdong calligrapher association Mr Qiu ShiKun; the counselor of youth's calligrapher association and the honorary chairman in Chaonan distrial etc.More than 400pcs of the writings were showed there.and 68pcs were receive higher praise as excellence including one piece of first-class, two piece of second and seven piece of third. 

   Under the support of all the members the first KEXIN CUP youth’s calligraphy tounament finished with fruitful.

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