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The service idea
-- Service tenet: customers problem, that is our problem.
-- Service policy: Fast effective communication, careful arriving service, satisfied customer demand.
-- Service aim: provide high-quality service for customers.
Our service aims is providing high quality services. The product has all made the strict examination before the exwork, but because each kind of reason caused the product to have the question, we could with all one's strength be the customer solution.

Once the customer will need us, we according to " the first-class technology, the first-class management, the first-class product, the first-class serves " quality policy, in line with will provide the first-class service for the user the principle, fast effective will serve for the customer.
Our product service is a lifelong, this is we to oneself product guarantee, also is to the customer pledge.

The service procedure:
[Pre-sales]: Free provides the correlation for the customer the product and the technical advisory work, helps the customer solution product the shaping question
[Sales]: Assist customers to understand and use products.
[Aftet-sales]: Carries on the quality follow-up and information feedback prompt processing to the exwork product, establishes the perfect user file, regular relation user.The company gives the answer to the user suit in 24 hours, and prompt processing.

In receives cargo in 30 days, in correct service condition, if affects the normal use because of the product itself quality question, the user may propose the returned goods to the company; The company each section different product use in three months, has the product quality problem free to trade the new product, if the current product already suspended production, traded by its renewal substitution product, the price difference part purchases the price calculation, the return excess.

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